Bonnie Blue the Rock Lady

Bonnie's story begins with a little girl who grew up loving art and went on to make her living as a painter. It would seem art was her destiny. Being born with the name Green and then later taking her husband's name Blue when they were wed.

Bonnie Blue the Rock LadyBonnie is consumed with a passion for art and a desire to share Gods heart through her art. The rocks she does represent God's unconditional love for all people everywhere.

"When I see a rock I see a face; I see your face and I am compelled to paint that face on the rock."

Her "Women That Rock" series are one of a kind pieces of art. She finds the rocks as they are in nature. She visualizes the perfect face, then paints, names and dates each one individually. These rocks represent all of us because we rock just the way we are, faults and all. No rock can ever be duplicated and neither can you.

As of this writing her "Women That Rock" series have created over 5000 women that rock and counting. Some faces are happy, some are sad, or silly, or serious. She even sees crazy faces. the point being, women areĀ  full of every kind of emotions and that comes out in her "Women That Rock."

Child with Rockin' CaricatureBonnie also does "Rockin' Caricatures." Like any caricature artist she paints fun portraits while you wait, but instead of paper she paints on smooth hand picked river rocks. She is available for parties and shows. What better keepsake to give to your friends, family and loved ones to always remind them that they ROCK!

Bonnie is frequently asked where she got the idea to paint faces on rocks? She believes that God put it on her heart and this is how she is called to serve him. "God showed me the faces on the rocks" she says "because He wants to let everyone know that you ROCK!!"

As of this time Bonnie has painted more than 8000 faces on rocks and the numbers keep on growing. She has painted rocks for many celebrities including Bill Murray, David Letterman and Houston Mayor Annise Parker. Ellen Degeneres is so proud of her rock she's shown it on her television program on several occasions. But for Bonnie, it's the everyday people that inspires her passion. Seeing the smile on a child's face or the look of empowerment in a woman's eye when Bonnie tells them "You Rock!" That's why she continues to do what she does.

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