Austin Fence Mural

Our Bonnie Blue says "It's a great time of year for doing murals." Ain't it the truth. It's winter in Texas which means warm days and cool nights, low humidity. It's perfect weather, basically. So it's safe to say that you are spending a lot of time outdoors enjoying the break from the Texas heat. Bonnie Blue loves to work outside when the weather is so nice. Here's a mural she did in Austin recently. It's a 100 ft long fence in the backyard of an Austin home that's a part of the Austin Weird Homes tour. It's a whimsical look at life under the ocean with dolphins and mermaids, killer whale's and a sea lion guarding a chest filled with gold. 

"Bring Art Outside For All to Enjoy!"

Contact Bonnie directly at 713/649-6931 if you are interested in having her create a mural for your home or business. Perfect for a restaurant with an outdoor patio.