Women that Rock Artcar

In 2002 Bonnie Blue created the "Woman Rock Artcar." The car is a mobile gallery stocked with merchandise which she takes from show to show plying her wares and painting caricatures on rocks for people all over the country. So far Bonnie and the Women Rock Artcar have visited 15 states and participated in countless shows and parades"I love to travel in my artcar and spread smiles across the miles" says Bonnie Blue.

The car is covered on all sides by large Styrofoam 'Women That Rock,' six in total. "I created her as a gallery to show my art and take it on the road and to bring honor to women everywhere I go." Every two years Bonnie changes the faces. Through the years 36 different women have rocked the car including such celebrities as Lucille Ball, Vivian Vance (Ethyl Mertz), Dolly Parton, and Marilyn Monroe. In 2012 she eschewed the celebrities she had used in previous iterations instead focusing on women from all over the world wearing the traditional garb of their cultures.

List of Awards

2003 - 2nd Place Artcar, Orange Show Artcar Parade, Houston, TX
2004 - 1st Place Overall, Kentucky Artcar Weekend, Louisville KY
2007 - 1st Place Overall, Living Arts Tulsa Artcar Weekend, Tulsa OK
2008 - 1st Place "Most Kickin' Boots," Kikin' Cancer out of Texas Charity Event, Houston, TX
2010 - Best Artist, Seafair Festival, Baltimore MD
2010 - Best Artcar, Culture Map, Houston, TX
2010 - Best Women's Exhibit, Autorama, Houston, TX
2012 - 2nd Place Free Speech, Orange Show Artcar Parade, Houston, TX

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