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Receiving Praise on Facebook

It makes us happy when we get a good review for our products and services. Sometimes we get a review that makes us blush. Thank you to Maria Palacios for your wonderful words.

 Maria Palacios

Maria is a self described "Goddess on Wheels and this is what she wrote about Bonnie Blue:

"Bonnie Blue Rocks! I mean, she really rocks. She gives rocks a face, a name, a soul. She turns rocks into the reflection of the people she paints, our smiles and our our frowns, the uniqueness of each one of us....she captures it beautifully. I have always said that Bonnie's art gives women a voice. She speaks of our ability to laugh and our passionate powerful ways of loving life and living fully. These days, Bonnie's Muse brings to life many other things besides rocks, from gorgeous boots and purses to personalized woman wine glasses and an extensive accessory of cool gadgets and art that explodes with woman power, humor and unmistakable love."

I asked Maria for a photograph of her rock and to this she replied, "I share my personal rock with you. I have others if you like, but is my most treasured one. "

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